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Breast Augmentation Incisions: The Different Options

If you are interested in breast augmentation NJ, one of the main things that your NJ plastic surgeon will discuss with you is the type of incision that you will get. The kind of incision that you need depends on a couple of different things, including whether you have saline or silicone implants. The size of the breast implants, and the amount of scar buildup that you have are other potential factors. Below, you can read about the main types of incisions used in breast augmentation today.

Inframammary Fold

The Inframammary fold type of incision may also be referred to as the crease incision. It is the most frequently used incision in breast surgeries today. The incision is very small, generally less than six centimeters long. The incision is usually not visible at all because it is beneath your breast. Scars from this incision are minimal and are hidden from view.


The Periareolar incision is alternatively referred to as the areola incision. It is another commonly used incision for breast surgery. The cut is made in the areola area because this area camouflages scarring very effectively. Like Inframammary fold incisions, scarring is typically quite minimal.


The Transaxillary Incision is sometimes called an armpit incision. This kind of incision is rarer than other types, but it is a highly effective choice for any person who wants absolutely no scarring on their breasts. The scarring, if any, will be hidden when your arms are not lifted.


The Transumbilical incision is used when placing saline implants only. This is still a newer kind of surgical incision, and all breast augmentation providers may not do this incision type yet. The cut is made in the navel area. The saline implant is then placed in a tiny tube that is guided up to the proper area of the chest. Once the empty saline bags are put in the right area, the plastic surgeon will fill them using the same tubes that were used to place the implants.

The ideal type of breast implants, and the best type of incision for them, is something that you need to discuss in detail with your plastic surgeon well in advance of your surgery date. If you would like to find a local breast implants NJ, consider Dr Richard Peck MD. He is highly experienced in breast augmentation and other plastic surgery procedures. Call for a consultation today!